Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tiramisu Recipe

First I went to the store to buy the pound cake...didn't have it so had to make it..but did find them ready made a couple of days later...marked 'butter pound cake'...that makes the whole system faster.

And how did I make the tiramisu you ask?? from the old Gourmet recipe..Our favorite...
I made the pound cakes...not that I like to bake
1# flour
1# sugar
1# butter
1# eggs in the shell
2T vanilla
This from The Settlement Cook Book..mine from 1941...was my mother's

The recipe for the theTiramisu...well..can't seem to make the link go to and search for Our Favorite Tiramisu. It is not your standard...but really great. The changes that I made:
instead of the 1.25cup water use: 1 pk gelatin (bloom)in 1/4 c water, add 3/4c water and heat, add 1/4 cup Kaluha and add the espresso powder to that.
I also cut my pound bread in slices about 1/4-1/2" slices, and make two layers of cake ending with the cream/cheese mix topped with chocolate. **also used Davison pasturized eggs....

If you have ready made pound cake that is good it can go faster..but allow for the two hours of cooling time during the prep...and yes, forgot to take pix after putting it all together or even along the way..but easy...and it also gets the rave reviews..and it freezes well..key point..make ahead for the holidays.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving for Turkeys

Running late...running late...besides second place is lampworking..yes, work with fire and glass...this morning it was fire in the smoker. I am going to have to get one of those fire cans to start the coals as it took me three times the time to get the coals ready for the bird. I feel guilty only putting one bird on as two can be cooked for the same amount of time, charcoal and chips..but one can only eat so much turkey.

The good news here is that we will be having turkey sandwiches for Thanksgiving this year! I am smoking one small bird and will roast another...I am in the middle of making potato salad for an office party but will have the extra for here

Cooked (of course) russet, onion, celery, hardboiled eggs, mayo, and ballpark mustard..I put celery seeds in mine but won't for the office..and of course salt and pepper...I also cut potatoes up before cooking and break them up to mine is a mix of chunks and then some that resembles a bit on the mashed side..but recipe..just ingredients

Going to work on that pumpkin pie/empanada...the first trip to the sweet potato instead..yes, in a hurry; second trip to Target, they didn't have a clue as to want I wanted...ergo the invoice said that the pumpkin pie mix was there...alas, just pumpkin..sad part was that the three people really didn't know the difference between plane pumpkin and pumpkin pie mix..but then 'the kid' made a run while I was working a show and did bring home the right stuff.

So, that is on the agenda today as well as a fish taco..have the ingredients..have to put it together..

So, it's going to be the year of the Turkey Sandwich!

And as a postscript.....going to Mexico for the foodblogger camp! That is going to be too cool!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fresh Green Beans

Haven't any idea why I wanted to say...sometimes I get tired of hearing about fresh and seasonal..check my first blog front..yup, the one wearing the bowl shaped thing on her head..and don't know what that is..maybe something hiding curlers..makes no sense..But fresh..seasonal..that was my grandmother..raised in N.J., second woman to have her driver's license..I went to visit for a couple weeks just before starting college...everything was beans were IN season..and yes, with the exception of two days..we had fresh green beans at least once a day...cooked just right, still bright and green, cut on the diagonal, butter, and salt and pepper...she cooked fresh, seasonal..

Key Lime Pie Recipe

Key Lime Pie....lots of people love fact, so do I. But remember I don't like to bake..usually...savory baking is a different story..but more on that later. I for some unknown reason wanted to make a key lime she who wants a dessert but wants the easy way out..I looked at some recipes...who wants left over ingredients...I had leftover graham cracker crumbs in the freezer for three years..waiting for the next time I needed them. So, this is how it goes..

1 ready made pie crust, graham cracker, yes
2 each 14oz sweetened condensed milk..I buy the cheapest brand
1 cup lime juice ( I buy bunches of limes at a time, use the electric juicer and then freeze the juice)
1/2 cup sour cream

NO eggs, no baking..nada...mix the condensed milk with the lime juice, then add the (you'll get used to my short hand...and pour into the pie shell...BUT you have to leave it in the fridge overnite...and yes, I always keep sour cream in the fridge...lime j and sometimes lemon j. frozen in 8oz containers in the, next time you want to make a dessert and donn't want a fuss...even my CIA pastry friend loved it so much he used this recipe the last time. You could doll it up w/ whipped crdam..if you is looking you could used the cream in the can...and yes I do have one of those co2 cartridge things for whipped cream..I use the superfine sugar...I order that on line since the groceries have stopped carrying it around here...

and no, don't have a picture of that one..we ate it all..I had company for supper..and thought I would surprise the people by making a dessert rather than have my pastry friend make it...

And, yes, sometimes I do spend time baking..but only special things and only occasionally.

Fried Shallots and it's Cold in Dixie

The pilot light went out and it's cold..Sassy the cat is out on the prowl...I can't decide what to, just a note for those who need to know. There is something in the oriental markets/grocer that you might like to have in your cabinet...

Fried Shallots! What a wonderful jar to have to pull out and garnish so many foods...where does the bottle come from..mine comes from fact I have two smaller, 3.5 oz and one larger. The smaller jar even comes with its own little red measuring can put them on your salad..your fried/or any other rice...oh, breakfast congee...garnish your stew..vegetables...potato salad...just so many uses..

Crispy little goodies..

Mac and Cheese..added these fried shallots as well as bacon to one of the containers of mac and cheese I made..froze..then defrost overnight..and heat in oven, 350*, til hot...really, really good

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Better Late..Halloween for Pepper

Just a note as Pepper was dressed for Halloween. He hates being dressed up so we just had the coif done by his special groomer at That Fabulous Dog in Atlanta...and then Pepper certainly entertained everyone he met for the holiday season..thanks to David!

Easy does it Cheddar Pecan Coins

Today was also a quick bake off of the cheddar coins. Always make plenty of dough, freeze extra wrapped in parchment and syran..then thaw when needed, slice and bake off. These will be shipped to a friend who is on the mend from an accident. I love using the freezer to make my life many things will freeze...the all probaby have one in your recipe box or in your recipe program on the computer. My recipe program is about 12 years something called a OTM program..never upgraded by the won't upgrade to the newest operating systems..sometimes the old just can't be replaced

Crab Stuffed Mushroom Recipe fact many times I do cook without a recipe and in that case I can give you a rough idea of what I start with the crab..snow crab had been on sale at the local farmers market. I did what any red blooded cook would do..bought an arm full, brought it home, and then took it out of the shell and refroze it in small packages..yes, probably easier to by lump..but that's not the point...then five leftover large mushroom..which turned out to be six when I recounted..

about 1/2 pound snow crab
6 large mushrooms
4 ounce cream cheese
couple dashes of soy sauce
glug of white wine
stems of mushrooms sauteed with about 1/3 vidallia onion, small dice
couple pinches of black pepper
pinch of garlic powder
about 1T chives, snipped
some panko sauteed in butter for garnish
some parmesan for garnish

forgot the 1/2 beaten egg that I mixed in the stuffing

Mixed the stuffing..filled the mushrooms, garnished, put them in a pan with a little butter for a couple of minutes and then threw pan in oven at 375*...set the times for 25 minutes..will check on that. I do use the timer most of the time..and all the time if I leave the kitchen to do something check the computer or work on the torch..easy

THEY are out...the kitchen smelled of crab...the baked stuffed mushrooms look fantastic..too hot to eat this moment...but wait..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baked Butternut Squash Filled With Creamed Onions

Well, Sunday was cooking day..three of us in the kitchen..rotating prep the end we had a wonderfully brown roast chicken and vegetables with a creamed sauce with apple brandy, a butternut squash filled with creamed onions, mushroom strudel for app., a flat and chewy choco chip cookie from a recipe from Saveur, a cabbage casserole, mushroom risotto, galakeboreko, and apple blueberry crumble. How did we decide what to fix? That question faces us each month..My friend and pastry chef wanted to make the Greek dessert for a second time...cabbage for the first..and have me guide him through the daughter wanted to make the cookies because the picture looked good and the strudel because she wanted to work with the phyllo and we also had mushrooms in the, only a short stint during my culinary education and my externship were devoted to pastry....perhaps because I have to really measure to, the bird was mine, the creamed onion stuffed and roasted butternut squash, and the crumble. The fruits for that were decided because I had a couple of apples, and in the freezer was a lovely package of blueberries that my neighbor had picked and given there we have the for the butternut had been sitting here for a while...and I had the onions and the cream..the last two I try to have in my 'larder'...

It was a wonderful day of cooking...and made better as my friend and then an invited guest for the repast took all the leftovers forgot to take pictures of all that food...but as good as the food was..better was the fun of cooking with friends, sharing that food, and sharing the knowledge of how to make those things that we had not made before and learning how not only to make those recipes..but then techniques that enable each of us to make things I can make any crumble now...just change the the friend, he can make many types of risotto...and my daughter, is more at home working with phyllo....

The next time will be the annual Christmas stollen...and perhaps this year we will put some marzipan in the center of some of those loaves..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Soy Braised Short Ribs Korean

You can look up the recipe from Food and Wine from the year 2000. Prepared the orginal way and very nice although the next time will replace the Asian pear, chestnuts and Daikon with onions and mushrooms and more carrots..served with rice...cooked in oven and sauce reduced on stovetop...used more short ribs than called for to serve 5...not a piece of meat leftover...really great recipe..reminds me of the Braised Chicken with soy and star anise that I learned to cook in China a little over 20 years ago in a four week cooking class. So, if you want a wonderful recipe that's easy to prepare try this recipe by Anya von Bremzen...I also made the diakon and carrot salad not measuring using the same ingredients..wonderful with the short ribs

And Sassy...still up to the same thing....this past week has been busy chasing those creatures around the house..not sure if they are all outside at the moment..but at least she is out..hunting, hunting...

Monday, March 8, 2010

fastfeasts, almonds, CIA, locally sourced, green almonds

Time to search out the quick way to satisfy the urge to cook...and cook...first will be the chore of cleaning out the fridge..what is there...lots of green...avocados that one must surely be past its prime...lettuce...fresh..locally...perhaps one of the things that I am soooo tired of hearing...locally sourced...perhaps if we only bought locally sourced...we could put all the farmers in other countries out of business...raspberries for that favorite desert in the winter...ummmm, no way....years ago..locally sourced meats and foul...perhaps didn't have so many cases of recalled food...we ate fresh and locally sourced for wasn't brought in from countries around the world...even so, do you think we could have locally source food for the multitudes that was affordable for the masses and have the diversity that we have come to love and expect...or is it perhaps just the welloff people that would have the best and the rest of the people would be reduced to having cabbage and potatoes. Perhaps I saw more beautiful and fresh produce in the markets in some foreign lands...perhaps we don't have people to raise those foods here for people who would like to duplicate the foods of foreign peoples...we travel, we eat, we have people who come to live here from all around the world..and they like to cook foods that are familiar..or have eaten in perhaps in Thailand, China, Turkey...what about those fuzzy almonds before the outside turns hard...and you pop the whole thing in your mouth..what a wonderful taste...even I as often as I traveled didn't have them until about 15 years ago..a trip to NY..and then to the arab section of Brooklyn..and there they were..never had seen them..told to pop on in my mouth..I took them back to the CIA where I was in school..of course no one...not even the instructors of mine..had even seen them before...I did find them in Atlanta one time....not so beautiful..rather on the down side of fresh...and certainly not able to be locally sourced...

It is time to think about traveling someplace where the food is different...and somehow, many of our ethnic restaurants though celebrate their heritage...the taste is not the same as in the home many things though named the same have been tailored for the 'american' clientale...and thus we must travel or cook to be able to have that original taste that we love so much...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quan An Ngon Hanoi

somehow can't seem to get photos on the same page as the note..was going through the photos from some of the places and then remembered this restaurant. I went to the one in Hanoi..twice in two days..and loved the food. I was seated at a table with others both times which fortunately had someone who spoke a little English. It was nice to be able to ask questions as my waiter both times spoke no English although English was on the menu. What fun it was to be able to order several items each time..this crab I loved..loved...the squid was nice, but not outstanding..ordered lots of other things..just thinking of a way to go back..just to be able to eat. But, speaking of eating Vietnamese..there is on the north side of Atlanta, Jimmy Carter exit on I85 the Hong Kong Market..and on the side, inside, there are a number of food stalls..and one in particular serves the banh xeo pancake with sauce, herbs, lettuce and it such a treat. If you are in the area it would do you well to stop and have lunch or supper there. The market also is a treasure trove of fresh and otherwise ingredients for the asia market. Be sure to go there if in or near Atlanta and be sure to go to the Quan An Ngon restaurant in Hanoi if you want street in all countries, street food is food that the people who live there eat..all around the world, street food is wonderful. The Hanoi restaurant just saves you lots of time by having so much available in one place.

Quan An Ngon Hanoi