Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quan An Ngon Hanoi

somehow can't seem to get photos on the same page as the note..was going through the photos from some of the places and then remembered this restaurant. I went to the one in Hanoi..twice in two days..and loved the food. I was seated at a table with others both times which fortunately had someone who spoke a little English. It was nice to be able to ask questions as my waiter both times spoke no English although English was on the menu. What fun it was to be able to order several items each time..this crab I loved..loved...the squid was nice, but not outstanding..ordered lots of other things..just thinking of a way to go back..just to be able to eat. But, speaking of eating Vietnamese..there is on the north side of Atlanta, Jimmy Carter exit on I85 the Hong Kong Market..and on the side, inside, there are a number of food stalls..and one in particular serves the banh xeo pancake with sauce, herbs, lettuce and it such a treat. If you are in the area it would do you well to stop and have lunch or supper there. The market also is a treasure trove of fresh and otherwise ingredients for the asia market. Be sure to go there if in or near Atlanta and be sure to go to the Quan An Ngon restaurant in Hanoi if you want street in all countries, street food is food that the people who live there eat..all around the world, street food is wonderful. The Hanoi restaurant just saves you lots of time by having so much available in one place.

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