Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving for Turkeys

Running late...running late...besides second place is lampworking..yes, work with fire and glass...this morning it was fire in the smoker. I am going to have to get one of those fire cans to start the coals as it took me three times the time to get the coals ready for the bird. I feel guilty only putting one bird on as two can be cooked for the same amount of time, charcoal and chips..but one can only eat so much turkey.

The good news here is that we will be having turkey sandwiches for Thanksgiving this year! I am smoking one small bird and will roast another...I am in the middle of making potato salad for an office party but will have the extra for here

Cooked (of course) russet, onion, celery, hardboiled eggs, mayo, and ballpark mustard..I put celery seeds in mine but won't for the office..and of course salt and pepper...I also cut potatoes up before cooking and break them up to mine is a mix of chunks and then some that resembles a bit on the mashed side..but recipe..just ingredients

Going to work on that pumpkin pie/empanada...the first trip to the sweet potato instead..yes, in a hurry; second trip to Target, they didn't have a clue as to want I wanted...ergo the invoice said that the pumpkin pie mix was there...alas, just pumpkin..sad part was that the three people really didn't know the difference between plane pumpkin and pumpkin pie mix..but then 'the kid' made a run while I was working a show and did bring home the right stuff.

So, that is on the agenda today as well as a fish taco..have the ingredients..have to put it together..

So, it's going to be the year of the Turkey Sandwich!

And as a postscript.....going to Mexico for the foodblogger camp! That is going to be too cool!!