Thursday, November 18, 2010

Key Lime Pie Recipe

Key Lime Pie....lots of people love fact, so do I. But remember I don't like to bake..usually...savory baking is a different story..but more on that later. I for some unknown reason wanted to make a key lime she who wants a dessert but wants the easy way out..I looked at some recipes...who wants left over ingredients...I had leftover graham cracker crumbs in the freezer for three years..waiting for the next time I needed them. So, this is how it goes..

1 ready made pie crust, graham cracker, yes
2 each 14oz sweetened condensed milk..I buy the cheapest brand
1 cup lime juice ( I buy bunches of limes at a time, use the electric juicer and then freeze the juice)
1/2 cup sour cream

NO eggs, no baking..nada...mix the condensed milk with the lime juice, then add the (you'll get used to my short hand...and pour into the pie shell...BUT you have to leave it in the fridge overnite...and yes, I always keep sour cream in the fridge...lime j and sometimes lemon j. frozen in 8oz containers in the, next time you want to make a dessert and donn't want a fuss...even my CIA pastry friend loved it so much he used this recipe the last time. You could doll it up w/ whipped crdam..if you is looking you could used the cream in the can...and yes I do have one of those co2 cartridge things for whipped cream..I use the superfine sugar...I order that on line since the groceries have stopped carrying it around here...

and no, don't have a picture of that one..we ate it all..I had company for supper..and thought I would surprise the people by making a dessert rather than have my pastry friend make it...

And, yes, sometimes I do spend time baking..but only special things and only occasionally.