Friday, September 16, 2011

pop up advertisements

There are now blogs, websites and blogspots that I am going to unfortunately going to ignore for now on..there are websites that I will only go to under takes FOREVER to find what I am looking for...the ads take forever to load and in the meantime...I can go someplace else...what about the popups that then block what you want to see...unless you take the time to close them out...or where you can hardly see what is on the site..because the ads take more room than the information...

It is a sad site where the ads overpower the site or looking for something you have to go through 'pages' and 'pages' to get to where you want..or to check out..when buying something...of course then there is the ad on Amazon where the company says 9 in stock...and I have waited for a month and then the company wants to delay shipping for another 2 what's with the 'in stock'?

Most of you are not...not going to make a living off your ads....yet you have more ads than information......and for those of's time to say goodby....I think my time is better spent checking out my own library than spending hours trying to find something on the web that might be a little better...and forget those sites where you can't back up to the page before...some of my favorite sites will now be forgotten...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stuffed Artichokes

What am doing? Went to the Buford Highway Market to pick up some fresh veggies for this week. I also picked up two items from the meat department...Mohammed's ground lamb meat on a skewer and his pieces of marinated lamb on a skewer. The seasoned ground lamb was good..had it with left over risotto..and tonight had the lovely seasoned lamb chunks...with it only being myself and not wanting to turn on the grill...just cut the pieces smaller and panfried and put on a piece of wonderful French baguett which I had pulled from the freezer. Being in a hurry, just used good old Kraft mayo...using a light touch. Then that stuffed artichoke that I had thawed and turned the oven on to heat....would have been too tomorrow will heat that up again.

Day before yesterday I did the risotto bit. I do not follow a recipe...just know what I am doing...for me..part of the liquid was a little white wine and cream...then cooled the risotto, added a couple of eggs which I had beat up..and then folded in gently by hand one pound of lump crab. Then I made individual patties and wrapped each in plastic wrap. These will be taken out of the freezer and generally panfried as the occasion arises....

I had also make a couple of quiches using be basic quiche recipe from Julia Child added a little more cheese..onion..and bacon. These were cut up and frozen in individual servings. This is great for that breakfast on the go or when you want something but don't have the time or patience to cook.

Oh, yup, out of the freezer again the night before...the most wonderful....yum, mac and cheese. And again..I just don't know what is wrong with writing down a recipe as I make it up...the mac was the hollow spirals....the sauce, who knows what cheese...a little lighter than velvetta..smooth, oh so smooth, then I had added blanched cauliflower and pieces of cured chorizo...I had been to a checkup..of sorts and wanted something that would soothe my soul as well as the body...well that was it! I ate the WHOLE thing...yup..maybe left one piece of much did I was packed in a 2.25 pound container...and I heated another one last night and could only eat half..almost how did I eat the whole thing? heaven only knows...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Journey of a Lifetime

Guess you would like to know where I've been that it could be called Journey of a Lifetime....was supposed to happen the first of May...then the end of May...must have been nuts but had a great roommate and great sounding trip for but the weather was going to be hot...where...China but halfway through it was going to be great is that!....then the opps....well there was the sullen guide named Lily who had us for a day or so before leaving on the cruise through the could miss this...and on the morning after docking to leave for the Tibet...didn't get our visa to then an 8 hour ride to Chendu...spend the night and off again in the a.m. only to be in the middle of a three car accident on the expressway.......and then the NEXTO 'romote hard drive...yes the golden extreme crashed w/ all my pictures on it...what luck...did sent it back to the manufacturer...they fixed it ..and reformatted the hard drive...yup, everything from the new Nikon where have I been? who top that off the fellow at Nexto said he had had to have his hard drive replaced on his..two years old...not too swift. I would have done better to give it to my tech here...void the warranty and save all the pictures! and yes, it was hot, hot, hot....sweaty hot....and then the flight to S.F. from Beijing...another story...late leaving didn't hold the plane for 1 hour for 40 of use...just left us in the airport in Beijing...stood in line for 8...yes, Air China, eight hours trying to get a flight to the states...they had me scheduled for 4 days later to get out...just sit in the airport for 4 days...the following is so long but we were least a 6 hour layover at a hotel after spending two hours on a bus..FULL..people sitting on suitcases in the aisle...push and shove....anyway...thanks to the local tour agency who did some incredible work I was able to get out a day to San Francisco sick...stayed in bed there til my flight home a couple days later...then had the respiratory for five weeks...then more stiff not relating to the for pictures...some of the food...even lost of those lost from being on the Nexto DON'T waste money on more chips.....hate talking about the trip....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thai Corn and Crab Fritters Recipe

Wild..spent hours with ATT to get things like email working. One of these, if I knew then what I know now...wouldn't have gotten tv service! They didn't tell us all the consequences before...

So..what am I cooking and not taking pictures of! Thai Corn and Crab Fritters! You serve with a Sweet Chili Sauce..out of the bottle and onto the plate or a small bowl. The corn I had cooked and was frozen and the crab was snow crab that I had taken out of the shell and was in the freezer also..the corn meal was a yellow stone ground that I had..

1.5 cup corn cooked (could use canned)
8 oz snow crab (or close)
3 ea egg
3 ea scallion, chopped
1 T fish sauce
1 T lime juice (then added about 1teaspoon more)
3 T chopped cilantro
1 t garlic chile sauce
1 cup flour
1/2 cup cornmeal

Mix all ingred and shallow fry...they did turn out great..ate three and then froze the rest in packs of two...will get a photo when I pull a couple out.

Been spending hours upon hours on the phone getting other people's glitches that have affected me straightened out..been 5 days with insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield and they still haven't gotten anything'maybe we will have an answer by the end of the week'...but made the Key Lime Pie recipe again the other day..yeah..takes no longer than five minutes to make it and then easy is that!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mexican Cheese Dip Recipe, Mexican Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe

Here we go..this is an easy dip to make...process..Philadelphia cream cheese til soft, then pulse in salsa..this is great for there any specific amount? don't want soup though. You can use mild, med, or hot's up to you.

Hot White Cheese Dip with Jalapenos: No this is not a really Mexican recipe but one that the Mex restaurants sell at a premium in certain parts of the states. Simple and as my wonderful food rep keeps foreverrrrrrrrrr...yes, it does. At first I used to get the Land-O-Lakes white processed cheese from her...but now you can find it in lots of deli places..even Target...maybe not the same brand, but look for white processed cheese ( large block just like the large yellow processed cheese as in Velvetta). You just ask for the amount that you one pound..
white processed cheese, grated
diced pickeled jalapenos (mine are in a bottle)
Trying to get you started now...I may used 1 cup of milk to 1 pound of cheese..I put the milk in the pot, heat, add grated cheese and stir til melted. Then add the drained jalapenos till it's spicy enough....

Mexican Stuffed Chicken Breasts:
I used two chicken breasts that I had cut in half into two cutlets..filled with some of the cream cheese dip, then some of the white cheese dip, then poured a little leftover salsa on top and baked until the chix was done. I did have some cilantro in the fridge that I added to the filling.
So next...sliced those, and used more of each of the two dips and rolled all in flour tortillas and put into each of two containers and then into the freezer...also had a couple of pieces of grilled tenderloin that I sliced, rolled in the flour tortillas along with some of each of the dips.
These will be thawed and heated in the oven at approx 375* til hot and the flour tortilla is crisp. I serve with sour cream..and a little more salsa if I have that at the time.

foodblogger camp mexico

Rain, Sleet and Snow..none of those in Mexico! But a great time learning about blogging with food. But since coming back..rain, sleet and snow..even landed at the Atlanta airport with ice and snow. An email when I returned said the flight had been cancelled..lucky us, we flew in spite of the email.

So, what have I been doing...we were housebound through the end of last week..even spotty spots as late as last what have I been cooking..?