Friday, January 21, 2011

Mexican Cheese Dip Recipe, Mexican Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe

Here we go..this is an easy dip to make...process..Philadelphia cream cheese til soft, then pulse in salsa..this is great for there any specific amount? don't want soup though. You can use mild, med, or hot's up to you.

Hot White Cheese Dip with Jalapenos: No this is not a really Mexican recipe but one that the Mex restaurants sell at a premium in certain parts of the states. Simple and as my wonderful food rep keeps foreverrrrrrrrrr...yes, it does. At first I used to get the Land-O-Lakes white processed cheese from her...but now you can find it in lots of deli places..even Target...maybe not the same brand, but look for white processed cheese ( large block just like the large yellow processed cheese as in Velvetta). You just ask for the amount that you one pound..
white processed cheese, grated
diced pickeled jalapenos (mine are in a bottle)
Trying to get you started now...I may used 1 cup of milk to 1 pound of cheese..I put the milk in the pot, heat, add grated cheese and stir til melted. Then add the drained jalapenos till it's spicy enough....

Mexican Stuffed Chicken Breasts:
I used two chicken breasts that I had cut in half into two cutlets..filled with some of the cream cheese dip, then some of the white cheese dip, then poured a little leftover salsa on top and baked until the chix was done. I did have some cilantro in the fridge that I added to the filling.
So next...sliced those, and used more of each of the two dips and rolled all in flour tortillas and put into each of two containers and then into the freezer...also had a couple of pieces of grilled tenderloin that I sliced, rolled in the flour tortillas along with some of each of the dips.
These will be thawed and heated in the oven at approx 375* til hot and the flour tortilla is crisp. I serve with sour cream..and a little more salsa if I have that at the time.

foodblogger camp mexico

Rain, Sleet and Snow..none of those in Mexico! But a great time learning about blogging with food. But since coming back..rain, sleet and snow..even landed at the Atlanta airport with ice and snow. An email when I returned said the flight had been cancelled..lucky us, we flew in spite of the email.

So, what have I been doing...we were housebound through the end of last week..even spotty spots as late as last what have I been cooking..?