Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crab Stuffed Mushroom Recipe fact many times I do cook without a recipe and in that case I can give you a rough idea of what I start with the crab..snow crab had been on sale at the local farmers market. I did what any red blooded cook would do..bought an arm full, brought it home, and then took it out of the shell and refroze it in small packages..yes, probably easier to by lump..but that's not the point...then five leftover large mushroom..which turned out to be six when I recounted..

about 1/2 pound snow crab
6 large mushrooms
4 ounce cream cheese
couple dashes of soy sauce
glug of white wine
stems of mushrooms sauteed with about 1/3 vidallia onion, small dice
couple pinches of black pepper
pinch of garlic powder
about 1T chives, snipped
some panko sauteed in butter for garnish
some parmesan for garnish

forgot the 1/2 beaten egg that I mixed in the stuffing

Mixed the stuffing..filled the mushrooms, garnished, put them in a pan with a little butter for a couple of minutes and then threw pan in oven at 375*...set the times for 25 minutes..will check on that. I do use the timer most of the time..and all the time if I leave the kitchen to do something check the computer or work on the torch..easy

THEY are out...the kitchen smelled of crab...the baked stuffed mushrooms look fantastic..too hot to eat this moment...but wait..