Monday, December 21, 2009

Antigua Guatemala OAT travel

Back at the computer after another long absence..keeping up is hard to do. Just a note for those of you traveling. Two of us on the trip to Central America had our passports stolen in Antigua. Both of us had this happen on an evening when we were trying to find our way back to our hotel which was out of the way. This happened during a religious procession...she and her husband on one side of the street and myself and two others on the other side of the street. Her wallet and my passport case were taken from our 'fanny' packs worn in front..unzipped, removed, and rezipped...and we both thought we were careful...she was trying to get past a person standing still and I was bumped hard and knocked off the sidewalk into the street and people. Needless to say when we told our 'troop leader' both had been robbed...he found it hard to believe. The next day we were taken to the local tourist police to file a report..then taken to Guatemala City to go through the hoops in order to get an emergency passport...we were fortunate that it was able to be done in one day and that we were able to meet up with our group that Lake Atitlan...that was one really long day. The old saying that 'misery loves company' is so true. Both of us were glad for each other's company..even though the circumstances were not good. This was the first time that either of us had had a problem. We will see how it tumbles out when I get the paperwork finished for the insurance...vs. no insurance. I purchase the insurance not because of something like this but rather for the health part..incase in injury or sickness. So, other than that which turned out to be an expensive minor problem, the trip was great and the people on the trip wonderful to travel with.