Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fried Shallots and it's Cold in Dixie

The pilot light went out and it's cold..Sassy the cat is out on the prowl...I can't decide what to, just a note for those who need to know. There is something in the oriental markets/grocer that you might like to have in your cabinet...

Fried Shallots! What a wonderful jar to have to pull out and garnish so many foods...where does the bottle come from..mine comes from fact I have two smaller, 3.5 oz and one larger. The smaller jar even comes with its own little red measuring can put them on your salad..your fried/or any other rice...oh, breakfast congee...garnish your stew..vegetables...potato salad...just so many uses..

Crispy little goodies..

Mac and Cheese..added these fried shallots as well as bacon to one of the containers of mac and cheese I made..froze..then defrost overnight..and heat in oven, 350*, til hot...really, really good