Sunday, June 10, 2012

Where have I been? Steelhead trout

You would think that someone who made their living with a camera would remember to take photos of food. Enforce they ate it!!! Well not so..So...what was for supper...yup, steelhead has become available more often now. So..easy...not new...mix mayonnaise and some yellow mustard together and slather on the fish fillet and broil..yup...till it's done..flakes..if sauce looks nice and sort of browned and fish isn't done..two choices, turn the broiler off and let it sit in the oven til done or you could turn the oven to bake...but really, the oven will be hot enough to finish..and did bok choy..a little water, could use stock, little soy, baby bok choi, sesame seeds and a couple drops of sesame oil. if you like, you can do the same thing to a piece of salmon..if mayo mix in both sides. Grill..yes,can use low fat mayo..or at least I used to until they took the brand I liked off the market..have. Even barbecuing pork butts on the egg..but must tell you....really great on the gas grill with a packet of soaked chips to make the smoke...also....will put the recipe for the rub up later...we found the best way for pulled pork was..rub it...smoke it uncovered for two hours, cover and finish in the oven at 225 for three hours. The butts that we did on the grill fun covered the whole time we great for slicing but not for pulled. How many butts you ask...8...or maybe 10.....then wrapped and into the freezer for the party we we going to have last month but will have in the fall....been cooking off a number of dumplings..Chinese that is....really Korean since that is what I seem to be able to find...usually the vegetarian..or some say with bean curd..the last several have been rather nice..saves lots and lots of time if making them by yourself. Not much new...couple weeks of vertigo..trying to get grass to grow and have taken in a spoiled. Small girls he mom gave her up as only one pup could go to assisted living. so......trying to keep peace between the cat and our new member..if the cat would just slap her silly instead. Of would be more less complicated at the moment... So fix the fish...also leftovers will make a nice salad or salad for sandwiches..add a little onion..celery..whatever..easy..yrs, steelhead is e same color as salmon but not as pricy Yes...I do know what to make a comment about..some magazine had a photo of a female holding up a fish poacher along with the comment about utensils that would be a waste of money...indeed, I do have one...and why is it downstairs at the moment? Because I uses to poach whole salmon..and when was the last time you have seen a window full of whole salmon?...used to have specials fairly frequently...Now that I have all the oriental markets Ican used said poacher for whole poached Chinese fish....Have to put that on the list to do again...used to smoke whole salmon lots of times...then chill, made a dill sauce...great for parties...serve with toasts or could use crackers...

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