Sunday, June 24, 2012

AT&T ! Recommend them,HELL NO

I can hardly contain my anger...have had buzz on the line for a week...the digital line...I also have a land line....have been on the phone to them for more than four FOUR HOURS this a gnat or mosquito in your ear...five days ago I said..turn the digital line to a land line and disconnect the land line...the time given. Five days to be sure that the change over from digital and six days before the disconnect of the land line....the problem with the buzz was in the modem..but they would not fix the modem that also carries the tv and Internet as theybsaidnI was changing that lint from digital to buzzzzzzzzzzzzz in the ear.... Can't really talk as the noise drives me nuts..the att person then wants my s.s. number as says I am new for service.....and will be five days before I can expect service changeover...Sat on the phone for another ONE HOUR TEN MINUTES....he says didn't have to do it that way..can be just rolled back from digital to is Sunday...and NO SERVICE oN the digital line and they are supposed to shut down the other line tomorrow...and the fellow says from what he can find I won't have service one that line til July top of no one doing a decent job...some asshole sales person had the line disconnected so that they could make a sale and get a commission....AT&T has no customer service..they just service themselves, and the customers can go to hell as far as thy are it is really more than a total of FOUR HOUR ON THE PHONE.....THE WRONG PHONE DISCONNECTED AND NO PHONE SERVICE COMING UP.....Would I recommend AT&T.....not only NO, but HELL NO...

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