Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Color Me Gone...Maybe

If you haven't guess....I live to travel to see and eat..the learn about the foods and lives of different people. It has been al ost a year since going back to china for a month...came back and was sick...then turn out to have two types of lung Ery rare and in truth, that one had been giving me trouble for about four year..who know...made the dr check me for malaria...she did but willing so....fortunately my new dr, asked for a couple tests....and was everyone surprised...two major ones, thankfully caught early, one common, and then the very rare one causing thencarsinoid, missing most of the left lung has made it a little slew getting back to work. I was only able to get back on the torch to work with hands had shaken so bad earlier that I could not even carry a glass of water across,the kitchen...actually it was funny to see..the water would start to rock,back,and forth...then faster..and faster...until it was slopping out both sides..I did a lot of reading and living the life of th slug.... sooooonow.....I have signed up foe two classes at the old folks,camera....after using film for,25 years and a large format camera...why oh why do I want a camera that can talk,to,me...that takes movies....that has more choices than fingers,,,and that I have to spend hours looking at a monitor....qi have tried the duo load on the computer several times...what ho...a glitch...then don't know what's where and always end up with not enough on some and too many of others......" The second class at the old people's center...geneology....I should have my head think people lie now!?!lkyou should get a old of then....and in my family...lots of duet has been swept under the rug...and no one talked about it til later...I didn't know there were cousins til I was in my 50's. And still later thought those who had been dead for years hadn't been dead til recently...... So wat does this have to do with the price of beans...I aam trying to pare down things a littl in the in testing..I pulled a piece of green tomato pie out..of the freezer..looked goog, the nibble tastes good....mlkladt light I had chicken lasagna...was okay...tomorrow will be Oslo bucco with mashed potatoes ans to get this freezer down...a new ice maker coming in on order next week to. Change wild hair tha it would just liffey up the arm and leave it up so it would not to have to make more ice summer will come and the hunger generation will be T the beach to show the younger ones how to work some of this why does it ,mess up, when my fingers don't even touch the thing Oh, besides back in the metals,smithing , the learn how to use a digital camera on things other than auto...and geneology. Have planes to head back to Vietnam and Cambodia....should be great,,,,and found another tour company with office in calif...explore!!! Sme just awesome trips to places that I want to go to Kp ickes up a package o tofu pouches at H.Mart..going to test them out..Marie went to a get together for work and a Someone brought them,,,,goggled up...refrigerated section A Week

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