Thursday, March 15, 2012

Big Green Egg customer service

There in it is sadly lacking...never a call back at the end of yesterday...nor was there any return call today....after several calls....will have to pass on a couple of quotes from their manager of the retail store in Tucker, Georgia....was really on the edge of having them just pick the thing up...lot less trouble and a lot more fun to book another trip to Europe or Asia!  and for the same price!  "We pride ourselves on customer service but can't always please everyone"...How about returning calls in a timely fashion...if there is a glitch....let the customer know when it happens..don't leave them in the dark...when asked what he could do to make it right...listen to this...I said write a little...said he could if he could have my email address...when I said I would like it US mail..he said " I can't, we are running a business here"....gotten a love a guy who thinks he is more important than the customer...and told the guy who is going to bring the parts they didn't send the first time...he, yes, manager Terry McMillian, said well he would trade me the old style handle for the new one which was one the show room sample!  Duh!  I bought what was shown! ..."and maybe that would make me happy".....Like a car with last year's driver's seat....probably have more business sense...been self employed for 40 years...graduated from CIA in NY at 52..still have cooked a 125 pound pig in the back yard over coals....and traveled a lot more....glad he never worked for me...wouldn't any longer with that type of attitude.....nothing like a smartass young person who things he is brighter than anyone older..

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