Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Panforte wow

yes, a day of joy...but don't hold your breath.   for those who have never 's an Italian cross between a candy and a fruitcake to beaten in very thin wedges.    Test one went okay...test three went okay...the second half of test two, not so hot.  Tried to remove the cake too soon from the pans...deleted the butter as seemed too that got me to turning the pans upside down too soon and they slithered out into a guey mess.....sooooooo...I start to clean up the mess...took time as had to stop for the computer tech...

The next two hours were spent trying to straighten out some glitches.....we still miss one which he might be able to fix remotely tomorrow....l

Soooo,what have I been doing ??   like I said..had to gather the ingredients for the pan forte.....will do more tommow...the PO fellow came with a registered piece of mail from the IRS...yup, they are at it again.....sent it back...again....this has  been  going on for at least two years....they send, we send

Will try to get this posted...made three recipes, different, of the Panforte...great..liked the one with the figs I think the best of the three.  I didn't take any pictures.  I did line the pans with the edible baking rice paper which was great. 

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