Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So let's get cooking

Had a guest last week from gal and her husband..she and I went to Stuart Hall together....ohhhh, about 60 years ago...bet you thought that we were all dead one senile by this time....nope...we're just the one collecting social security and Medicare....we're the know-it -alls....at least if it was worth knowing.....a lot of ...been there and done that's......

And for the next three months the government is going to see just how far you can go on socsec...where ever penny goes and why...record today's outting for the cat,,,pins and needles
Then latter took Daisy and Pepper for their weekly trip to,Mickey D's,   With shouts and twists through two rooms..out the door and into the rain they bounded into the truck for the front row seats..although they really prefer standing looking out the window ."..To make sure we are going the right way and to also,any dog or person that they pass they canv just go,home.  It'a horrid to do this on an. iPad as it mades so many mistakes that are almost I possible to correct.  so what did I do for food today...
Oppps..what I did not was to pull the meats from the freezer for Sunday...will do tomorrow.  That will be por, beef, and beef steaks....have to decide on the sauces. But today I did make 4 x2.25# of Mac and cheese with cauliflower......really rich..cheesy....into the freezer....Sunday made about a gallon of my corn chowder with tomatoes...lovely...that packed,up for the freezer.  Saturday will be prep formthembig egg grill on Sunday...check back for the menu

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