Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Journey of a Lifetime

Guess you would like to know where I've been that it could be called Journey of a Lifetime....was supposed to happen the first of May...then the end of May...must have been nuts but had a great roommate and great sounding trip for but the weather was going to be hot...where...China but halfway through it was going to be great is that!....then the opps....well there was the sullen guide named Lily who had us for a day or so before leaving on the cruise through the could miss this...and on the morning after docking to leave for the Tibet...didn't get our visa to then an 8 hour ride to Chendu...spend the night and off again in the a.m. only to be in the middle of a three car accident on the expressway.......and then the NEXTO 'romote hard drive...yes the golden extreme crashed w/ all my pictures on it...what luck...did sent it back to the manufacturer...they fixed it ..and reformatted the hard drive...yup, everything from the new Nikon where have I been? who top that off the fellow at Nexto said he had had to have his hard drive replaced on his..two years old...not too swift. I would have done better to give it to my tech here...void the warranty and save all the pictures! and yes, it was hot, hot, hot....sweaty hot....and then the flight to S.F. from Beijing...another story...late leaving didn't hold the plane for 1 hour for 40 of use...just left us in the airport in Beijing...stood in line for 8...yes, Air China, eight hours trying to get a flight to the states...they had me scheduled for 4 days later to get out...just sit in the airport for 4 days...the following is so long but we were least a 6 hour layover at a hotel after spending two hours on a bus..FULL..people sitting on suitcases in the aisle...push and shove....anyway...thanks to the local tour agency who did some incredible work I was able to get out a day to San Francisco sick...stayed in bed there til my flight home a couple days later...then had the respiratory for five weeks...then more stiff not relating to the for pictures...some of the food...even lost of those lost from being on the Nexto DON'T waste money on more chips.....hate talking about the trip....

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